artruckish 2022

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Judi Kickel
Darren Oberto
Bonnie Katz
Ren Freeman
Jerry Woods
Ben Blount
Craig Jobson
Marcelo Añon
Tom Jackson
Julie Cowan
Eden Lee
Elory Rozner
Zuleyka Benitez
Kathy Mandell
Robyn Hurtig
David Tennenbaum
Yvette Meltzer
Charlie Friedlander
Ross Martens
Hope Hasan
L P Lundy
Carol Bobrow
Vanessa Filley
Ellen Galland
Cie Bond
Melissa Blount
Joerg Metzner
Bill Friedman
Michele Gorski
Melanie Deal
Joyce Elias
Avram Eisen
Annette Frost-Jensen
Socorro Mucino
Eugenia Bouboudakis
Alicja Pulit
Jill Greenman
Benjamin Good
Kristen Neveu
Terri Michaels
Carole Rosen
John Fervoy
Sharon Fiffer
Eric Sorenson
Deborah Newmark
Billy Taylor
Doug Haight
Chai Wolfman
Marla Seibold
Laura Leith
Kevin Boyer
Kathy Pilat
Julie Siegel
Barbara Murphy
Lisa Zschunke
Mardy Sears
Leslie Riley
Linda Summerfield
Sharon Hyson
Marjorie Davidson
Maggie Weiss
Sarah Kaiser
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In February/March 2022, we asked over 60 artists to join us in creating a kind of exquisite corpse. (see definition here.)

Artists were given a sheet of printmaking paper with a rectangular embossment at the bottom. In the embossment, a small piece of text was applied. The artists did not know which book their text came from and where it fit with others.

So voila! The text is from chapter CIII of the book, “Lincoln in the Bardo“, by George Saunders. (Such a great book – we highly recommend reading it.)

The artworks are complete and they are spectacular. They are posted above as a continuous collection, in the order of the text in the book.

BONUS! The artworks are on display in Evanston in the windows of 1706 Sherman. It will be great to see all of the works together in one place. From April 3- April 30.

Read this terrific article by Adina Keeling at the Evanston Roundtable, titled “Dozens of local artists contribute to ‘Bardo’-themed installation on Sherman Avenue“.

Need more info? please contact julie – jrosecowan{at}

This is the list of artists in artuckish 2022 in order of the exquisite corpse:

1 Judi Kickel
2 Darren Oberto
3 Bonnie Katz
4 Ren Freeman
5 Jerry Woods
6 Ben Blount
7 Craig Jobson
8 Marcelo Añón
9 Tom Jackson
10 Julie Cowan
11 Eden Lee
12 Elory Rozner
13 Zuleyka Benitez
14 Kathy Mandell
15 Robyn Hurtig
16 David Tennenbaum
17 Yvette Meltzer
18 Charlie Friedlander
19 Ross Martens
20 Hope Hasan
21 LP Lundy
22 Carol Bobrow
23 Vanessa Filley
24 Ellen Galland
25 Cie Bond
26 Melissa Blount
27 Joerg Metzner
28 Bill Friedman
29 Michele Gorski
30 Melanie Deal
31 Joyce Elias
32 Avram Eisen

33 Annette Frost-Jensen
34 Socorro Mucino
35 Eugenia Bouboudakis
36 Alicja Pulit
37 Anonymous
38 Jill Greenman
39 Ben Good
40 Kristen Neveu
41 Terri Michaels
42 Carole Rosen
43 John Fervoy
44 Sharon Fiffer
45 Eric Sorensen
46 Deborah Newmark
47 Billy Taylor
48 Doug Haight
49 Anonymous
50 Chai Wolfman
51 Marla Seibold
52 Laura Leith
53 Kevin Boyer
54 Kathy Pilat
55 Julie Siegel
56 Barbara Murphy
57 Lisa Zschunke
58 Mardy Sears
59 Leslie Riley
60 Linda Summerfield
61 Sharon Hyson
62 Majorie Davidson
63 Maggie Weiss
64 Sarah Kaiser